Thursday, August 20, 2009


Can it be said too much?? NOPE! We LOVE being married! I truly believe it is one of God's greatest blessings! He created something that gives us a taste of the passion the love, the intimacy, and the thrilling adventure that He wants to experience with us! It's incredible, because together, as husband and wife, we have become so much closer (in just 5 months!) and have fallen into a deeper love with each other that has encouraged us to whole heartedly pursue that love with God ... together and individually. It's a phenomenal experience to have with God ... and to be able to share it with the person He created for you is that much more phenomenal!We have been crazy busy with so many things ... and so blessed by the busyness! Erik's work as a handyman has sent him all over the greater Sacramento area working on everything from appliances, to flooring, to garage doors, to house fans, to installations of all kinds ... it's been so cool to see how God has provided the work when it seems like everyone is suffering from the recession.

Though the month of August has been busy, we have found time to fully enjoy our 5th month of marriage! From late night movies at the drive-ins to baseball games to new books and new food creations, we have been greatly blessed and have thoroughly enjoyed our time together!
RANDOM: We really like Chevy's and we REALLY like their salsa. Unable to find a salsa at the grocery store that resembles Chevy's (or is good at all), we resorted to making our own ... and we have determined that we are great salsa-makers!