Friday, November 19, 2010



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Tonight, at approximately 7:00pm pacific time, we will be in our car, crammed full of luggage, snacks, highly caffeinated beverages, music, and pillows.  It will be the beginning of the First Benson Road Trip {well, road trip over 7 hours long at least}.  While most people think we are crazy, we like to consider ourselves adventurers who actually look forward to spending 27 hours alone, together, in a car.  You may think it’s odd, but it doesn’t really matter what you think, now does it?  No offense or anything.  What matters is that Erik and I are excited to have some solid time and confident we will be saving mucho dollars by avoiding the overpriced airfare {and the full body pat-down, mind you}.  We are pretty much packed and ready to go, but there are still a few last minute things to do before we can officially embark on our trip … you know … like take out the trash so it doesn’t sit in the house rotting for 9 days straight.  Yup, you heard me {or read me} right.  9 days.  Friday night to the next Sunday.  My husband is in serious need of a break.  I’ve never seen him so ready.  Even when he was working 14 hour days for 3 weeks before our wedding, though he was experiencing physical stress, he wasn’t under the mental stress he is currently finding himself beneath.  This little {or rather, big} trip will be a well deserved break for my hard-working-hottie-of-a-husband.  So, here’s praying for no ice, little snow, lot's of energy, beautiful sunsets, dramatic sunrises, and a blessed time  Please pray for our safety {my parents would appreciate it, thank you very much} and a blessed Thanksgiving!

May you all be blessed this Thanksgiving with LOVE from the LORD.  The end of our 27 hour road trip will bring good memories with our family in South Dakota.  I can’t wait to meet our little niece and to spend some much over-due quality time with the Bensons.  Our Thanksgiving will surely be blessed!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sparkles for $2 or less

The event to be celebrated on the 25th of December is much anticipated in the Benson household … or maybe, a little bit more so by the wife within the Benson household. Yes, that would be me. To put it simply, I love this season. I love the peppermint, the carols, the holly leaves, the ornaments, the smell of pine, the excuse for glitter, and the freezing weather that makes everyone want to squeeze in closer. I love how the frost makes the earth sparkle in the rising sun just before it begins to melt {I know it's surprising, but out here in California, it melts … usually}. Everything and everyone seems to have an extra glow that undeniably resembles love ... which then reminds me of His grace and salvation. Praise the Lord.

Last year, we Benson’s had few decorations and a tree that could fit on top of our table.


See exhibit a: tree on top of table

While we made our little home feel warm and cozy, sans the smell of a real life Christmas tree, we are excited to celebrate this season with a little bit more glitter and lights. This year, we will have real stockings to put on the mantle, as opposed to the hand-sewn scraps of fabric I made last year {my hope was that from a certain angle, they just might resemble a stocking. No such luck.}


See exhibit b: handmade fabric bags

But shortly after Christmas, I made my way to the ridiculously-marked-down-Christmas-section at Target, and purchased some beautiful, machine-sewed stockings, that would otherwise have been much too overpriced to fit into my shopping cart. Nearly 340 days later, they will grace the old brick mantle we now get to take advantage of.

We are also going to welcome into our home a beautiful mess of pine needles and sap, all for the smell of a real life Christmas Tree. Well worth the mess, in my humble opinion.

{Although Christmas trees have no biblical meaning or real purpose other than to drip it’s sappy sent onto the beautifully decorated gifts, I will gladly take advantage of the only opportunity I have to bring a real tree into my house, without people thinking it’s crazy … because in reality, whether you put a real tree or a fake tree in your house at Christmas, it’s all the same sort of crazy if you really think about it.}

Also, in addition to the sap filled tree we will place in our living room, I have recently accumulated some pretty sparkly decorations which will soon adorn my mantle, and every other corner of the room. Thanks to the flee market and Target’s dollar rack, this year’s decorations cost a grand total of $6. Bring on the mess that will certainly ensue from these glittery eye-catchers!


Ornaments: Target for $1 each & Everything else: Flee Market for $2 Total

Great deals are even happier when they are on pretty Christmas decorations!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

back to the 80’s

Nowadays, the 80’s seem to be everywhere.  Not only has the decade of feathered bangs and leggings made its way into the new/10-years old millennium {while some may think that a good thing, I beg to differ}, they have also made it into our favorite fall forecast; making it not-so-favorite-anymore.  I know that I have already dedicated at least one prior post to my dreams of cool, crisp, fall … and here I go again.  I mean, come on!  It’s November 4th and the little weather icon in the corner of my laptop keeps announcing to me that it is 81 degrees.  That is TOO hot for November.  Now I am about to make a statement that some may consider controversial or even politically incorrect, but you know what?  I’m already over it (no offense) … I do not believe in global warming … or even the more propagandistic term, climate change.  I believe, if the climate is in fact changing, then it has little to do with the little ants {people} that are crawling on the planet, and more to do the fact that God has decided to make a change.  He does have the right {and ability} to do that ,you know.  {Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t do our part to take care of the gift He has given us … etc, etc, etc …. we could go on for hours about this subject.  Why did I even venture into pandora’s box?} Anyway, back to my point/rant.  While I know I may be very well writing the same thing about winter turning into spring come March, I would like to take this time to wish/pray one more time for bonfire season to make it’s way back to us in little ol’ northern California.  I am not complaining, because let’s be serious, the current weather outside my window is gorgeous.  Sunlight beaming through bright red and yellow trees … b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.  Another reason why I love California {I am racking up reasons why I love it since last Tuesday was a very definite reminder as to why I hate it, but that’s another box that I would rather not open … at least entirely just yet.} 

Is there a point to the above collage of words that seems to make little to no sense when I re-read it?  Well, if any, it is this:  the moment I begin to complain/whine/wish-for-something-I-don’t-have, I am reminded at how spectacular God is, as He shows me His beauty through the warm breeze as it moves through the colorful leaves.  Yes … He knows what He is doing with this 80 degree weather.  I don’t, but he does.  And I guess, that is the point.