Monday, July 26, 2010

the little things in life.

The flowers from my {grandpa's} garden make beautiful arrangements for the house ... and they make me smile

What makes me smile about these?
1) perfect color coordination
2) multi-colored flowers
3) quaint mason jars
4) that they are from my own backyard

Every morning when my cute husband has time {which is impressively most mornings}, he makes me this DELICIOUS coffee beverage. I have tried to duplicate this masterpiece for myself, and it does not work. Better than Starbucks.

I'd easily pay $4.35 for this fantastic cup of yumminess.

What makes me smile about this?
1) the chocolatey surprise he often puts at the bottom of the cup
2) that he puts it in a "pretty" mug, instead of a big, old, clunky mug
3) the sugar boost I get, more than the caffeine boost ... it may not be better for me, but it tastes better
4) that it is usually waiting for me on the bathroom counter, after my shower
5) that he brings it to me

I am blessed, by flowers and sugar coated caffeine ... and LOVE. That last one isn't one of the "little things", it's the BIG thing.

Friday, July 16, 2010

one new message.

I have come to view the relatively new phenomenon known as “TEXT MESSAGING” as a way for boys/men to send brief, informal love notes to each other under the guise of a joke, sarcastic wit, or true sincerity, which might not otherwise be sent. {does that make sense? i thought so. just checking.} So often, I find my husband looking at his phone with anything from an undercover grin to a robust laugh … to which I attempt to ask “what” or “who” was the cause of such a reaction. Often times it’s a picture or a quote or even a simple “I love you man". He even gets an occasional picture from a friend participating in an activity that made him think of Erik - like snowboarding, mountain biking, etc ... and while I think the world is breaching a point of overtechnologydrivenmadness {yes, I made that up myself, thank you very much}, I think the ability men have to briefly share their affection in a fast and simple way is quite touching, really.

I have come to realize that my sweet manly husband is far more advanced in his relational intuitiveness and more regularly connected to his “boys” than I have yet to become with my “girls”. He regularly sends and receives verses and devotionals and notes of witty encouragement {along with lots of jokes and gross pictures} from his bromantic friends {I’m borderline jealous … not really. but a little. maybe.}

All this to say, I am learning a lot from my text-message savvy husband …

… and thank you text messaging world …

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

HE reigns.

i am currently loving this song ... in church, in my car, a Capella, and from the strings of my husbands guitar. just an example of HIS awesome power.
{God You Reign}

You paint the night
You count the stars and call them by name
the skies proclaimGod You reign
Your glory shines
You teach the sun when to bring a new day
creation sings God You reign

God You reign
God You reign
forever and ever
God You reign
You part the seas
You move the mountains with the words that you say
my song remains
God You reign
You hold my life
You know my heart and You call me by name
I live to say God You reign

hallelujah, hallelu {photo credit}

I can't see a picture like this without thinking, "He certainly does reign"

Thursday, July 8, 2010

typos or just bad at spelling

Whoopsies. As I read through some of my old posts, I am embarrassed at my grammar and spelling mistakes. Maybe this is why my mom used to make me hand write ALL of my papers as a rough draft (ugghhh) before typing them. Maybe I am too reliant on spell-check and don't notice mistakes without the red squiggly line highlighting my typo. Hmmm. Excuses, excuses. I actually did quite well on my spelling words in grammar school. You may not believe me, but I promise. AND, it was before computers were prevalently used for homework. (I also remember what it was like when you had to manually rewind tapes and you couldn't pause television. I'm already dating myself at the ripe old age of .... 25)

Please accept my apologies (and embarrassment) for any past, present, and FUTURE spelling/grammar mistakes and typos. Thank you.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

just saying ...

Today, I am suffering the consequences of my allergy to walnuts. Although I am not a fan of walnuts, they seem to find their way into things that I am a fan of, i.e. fudge, granola, health bars, salads, and so on. I know you are just dying to know what happens when I eat a walnut (aren't you??) ... WELL, my mouth just about explodes. Ok, maybe it's not THAT bad, but it does get very raw, fills up with canker sores (weird name for a sore), and sometimes bleeds. There, you asked for it.

But to move past the oh, so glamorous life of a walnut-intolerant being, I must share these cute pictures of a man I find oh, so handsome.working away in the shop on a cabinet. nope, it's not for me. not yet at least.

he is loving the redneck life. ok, just because he is on a riding lawn mower doesn't make him a redneck, but i was told by a friend that the shirt and cut-offs do. cutest red neck i've ever seen.

Last Saturday, my face was lit up by brilliant flashes of fire streaming from the sky. 4th of July in Cameron Park was celebrated on the 3rd of July ... and we celebrated with our dear friends (ok, let's face it, we see the Bashams so often, they are practically family) on their front lawn as the fire bombs exploded above us. f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s.
one of my many fascinations in life. fireworks.
there should be more events in life that should be celebrated with a fireworks display (with a large finale). you know, like birthdays, anniversaries, fridays, saturdays ...
i'm just saying.