Friday, September 11, 2009

{Camping Adventures}

After months of anticipating our first REAL adventure with the Andersons, we finally made it happen! Work schedules were adjusted and reservations were made ... and on August 28th, we met in the middle. The little town of Cambria was just about the only place we could find that was a relatively equal distance from Sacramento and Huntinton Beach {well, at least the only place we could find that wasn't a state prison off I-5 ... i.e. the middle of no where}. We found the only campsite in Cambria {kind of near San Louis Obispo}, and we spent two nights at the San Simeon State Park. It was the weirdest campsite we had ever been to ... only shrubs divided our campsite from everyone else around us ... and not very many shrubs at that! But, alas, we were close enough to the ocean to hear the incredible waves crashing on the shore and we were with people that we LOVE!
{The Andersons: The water was FREEZING!}

We climbed the rocks on the beach, made great food, walked the charming street {notice, singular} of Cambria, and thoroughly enjoyed the company.
{The boys making a fabulous breakfast!}
{A delicious breakfast is even better in a tortilla}

In our efforts to explore the small town, we decided to take a tour of the famous Heast Castle. It was a fabulous tour ... mostly thanks to Chuck, the coolest tour guide ever! Once he realized that Erik was in construction and had a deeper appreciation for the architecture of the building, he endulged our curiosity by giving us side tours to see extra rooms that weren't included on the regular tour! It was awesome!

{Just a GUEST HOUSE at the Hearst Castle}

{Our future Pool}

While Erik and Davey spent time catching up, finding drift wood for the fire, exploring the beaches, mountain biking, and the like, Jess and I had the chance hang out ... and I have to say that it was such a blessing getting to know her better!

{The biking husbands}

Our short adventure with the Anderson's solidified in our minds {and hearts} that we were meant to be friends with each other ... and even more, that great adventures are certainly in our future!

{{"All roads lead to Rome"}}