Wednesday, November 23, 2011


We are officially within 24 hours of the Day of Thanks … that is the day that commemorates the thanks given for the harvest, safe travels to the Americas, and so on, by the Pilgrims in Plymouth.  Call me a nerd, but I still love the story!  Remember the days of making Indian {excuse me, Native American} vests out of paper bags and Pilgrim hats out of construction paper, in school?  Well, in my days as a munchkin, we still did those DIY history projects.  I have no idea if they still teach the actual history of Thanksgiving in schools now a days, but if they don’t, shame on them. 

The many {repeat: many} things for which I am thankful are not limited to this thursday … and in all hoensty, they shouldn’t be. 

1 Chronicles 16:34
Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good!
      For His mercy endures forever.

{just in case you needed reminding, we were called to give thanks before an official holiday designating the need for thanks was ever instated}

Last Thanksgiving, we spent a week with the Bensons:



which resulted in the BEST stuffing I have ever had {sorry mom}.  and a wonderful time with dear family … even if my California blood nearly froze!  it was incredible!

prior to my first South Dakota Thanksgiving, my family had always {literally, ALWAYS} spent the holiday with my mom’s parents.  we grew up with traditions upon traditions that will always be cherished.  everything from the same movies, to the same cornflake potato casserole, to the same stories.  the cousins, the day after Christmas tree hunting, the apple cafĂ©, and so on.  wonderful traditions that will always define my thanksgiving memories.

but this year, we are embarking on yet another new adventure.  that is, the Mexican thanksgiving.  in the 3o-some years my parents have been married, my dad has not spent one major holiday with his sweet family.  not because he didn’t want to … but simply because he abides by a tradition that he claims is “the Mexican way” {all major holidays are spent with the wife’s family … a tradition that my sister broke upon her first married Thanksgiving.  and sorry dad, but I broke it too …}  given the importance my sister and I have found in spending the holidays with the families that raised the loves of our lives, we decided it was well time we spent a holiday with my dad’s family.  so this year, the kids made the decision.  and we are bringing my parent’s along for the ride.  it’s LONG over due! 

so in a few short hours, we will be buckling our seat belts for a drive to see my dad’s parents.  we cannot wait!  it will be a short trip, but a blessed one, no less!

so here’s to growing up and making new traditions! 

there are a million things for which I am thankful … from the smallest of joys to the abundant gifts of provision, I am so blessed.

but every Thanksgiving, for the rest of my life, will be a reminder of one of the greatest gifts I have received …

Thanksgiving day, 2006, was the first day my eyes met those of Mr. Erik Benson.  The cute contractor I had heard so much about for the nearly 3 years prior.

it’s been 5 years since we met, and my heart hasn’t stopped racing …

Julie & Erik Wedding_164

may your Thanksgiving be truly blessed, with the remembrance of God’s grace and provision, regardless of the difficulties we face in this earthly life … may you be surrounded by His love!

{P.S. in re-reading this post, I realize it is a bit scattered; reminding me why I haven’t written much recently … call it writer’s block, or whatnot.  But it certainly doesn’t flow}