just us

a cute contractor 
{passionate entrepreneur, jesus lover, and pursuer of wisdom}


a simple girly, girl
 {in pursuit of adventure and passion}, 


a love story striving for laughter, love, adventure and a life of growing, learning, and pursuing. 

that is what we are.


in 2006, she was fresh on u.s. soil from a summer on the green isle, and there he was.  without even asking, he made his way into the story of her life, and she couldn't help but let him cover the pages with his beautiful presence. 

he challenged her, he loved her, and he quickly stole her heart.  

this is simply the storybook of our adventures, with a few posts dedicated to my {selfish} thoughts, opinions, and experiences {merely an excuse for me to utilize the somewhat creative portion of my writing brain - thank you blog world for indulging my God-given/self-proclaimed talent}.

this is for family afar and friends away ... love you all.