Thursday, September 30, 2010

guest appearances

Fall came for a day … and then it was gone.  We cried for an encore but it did not tend to our requests.  In fact, fall fled the building and left us with little hope of it’s return.  I understand that I am currently in a {slightly} over-dramatic state and that fall will most likely return, but the 100 degree weather I am currently experiencing is getting to me.  This summer has proven to be the most mild {and lovely} I have ever experienced in the great, usually scorching, city of Sacramento.  We have experienced only a few {by few I mean 5-ish} days of boiling-well-above-100-degree-sweat-causing-heat {as opposed to the usual e.n.t.i.r.e. month of August}.  And we thought we were in the clear.  Thanks for the late arrival summer.  No can you please vacate the premises and make room for fall?

IMG_0350 IMG_0349

The heat provides the NEED for Ghirardelli chocolate milk shakes … duh.  {why did we decide we could mix them with a spoon instead of getting out the blender?  I guess it was just that hot}

Also to make a brief guest appearance this past week: mi familia.  Although, this appearance left hope of another reunion in the not-to-distant future {fingers crossed}.  The reason for this showing was the marriage ceremony of my eldest cousin, Erik {yes, he spells it just like my husband} Beauchamp.  He is the son of my Dad’s older sister, whom I affectionately refer to as Tia Violet.  Erik and his beautiful new bride were so kind as to stand in the freezing rain at our wedding {just over a year and a half ago}, thus, we couldn’t deny the opportunity to watch them exchange vows … don’t worry, with summer’s late arrival, rain was no where to be found at their ceremony {which was in an extraordinary church in the heart of Los Angeles with a rather warm outside reception in an exquisite garden}.  Spectacular. 

Seeing family once a year {or two or three} is just NOT often enough.


siblings and mis primos {Ashley and her husband, Ronald}

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

falling for fall

It’s barely the middle of September and I’m already dreaming of fall. Best.time.of.the.year. {in my humble opinion} Last week, we had a day that felt JUST like fall. So what did we do? We celebrated the occasion with the very first fire of the season.

{and it wasn’t even my idea … luckily I have a man who loves the fall too!!}

Here we are, fully documenting the season. This is the plan and the commitment. We have been without a camera (other than the relatively unreliable camera phones) for too long … but thanks to Benson Birthday month, my parents and sister and brother-in-law got us a camera. Perfect timing for fall documentation.

Bring on the crisp air, the colorful trees, the morning fog, the evening bonfires, and the smells of spiced apples and pumpkins. This is my season. {although I love love love summer dress season … flowy fabrics with skirts that twirl in a princess-like fashion … bring me back to my childhood.}

Inspiration for my “fall” post: my kindred spirit

Thursday, September 2, 2010

surprises are good for the soul

Have you ever had something BIG happen, something you are so excited about … but you can’t tell the ONE person you want to tell the most? Well, that is pretty much the definition of a surprise in my book … and as wonderful as it is, it is so hard to keep your mouth shut! Frankly, I’m glad the men do the proposing, because I don’t know if I could contain my excitement. I would probably blurt out {accidentally}, “I can’t wait to show you the ring I bought for you!! ... uhhhh, whoopsies” Ya, that might just ruin the surprise.

Over the last 4 months, I have been keeping a secret {lying} to Erik. Uhhhh, it was so hard! But it all paid off!

The mission was this:

Surprise Erik with his best friend, Davey, who was also being surprised with Erik.

My accomplice: Jess Anderson {Davey’s wife} We are master minds.

Excuse for the surprise: Birthday Boys {Davey: August 27th; Erik: September 1st}.

When both guys had responded to the question “what do you want for your birthday” from their respective wives, they both {unknowingly} said “I just want Erik/Davey”. Clearly, it was just too cute to deny ... so we started to plan!

Jess blindfolded Davey as she drove him to the airport to board a plane to San Francisco. I told Erik I had purchased a coupon for a restaurant in San Francisco for his birthday but the only reservation I could get was on the 27th. {I can be clever if I really try}. So, I packed his bags, loaded the car, and drove my gullible husband to the city. As we walked to the “restaurant” I had told him about, we strolled by another place that I KNEW would catch his eye. I told him we had just enough time to check it out and maybe grab a drink before we had to head over to our reservation. {Coincidentally}, Davey and Jess walked in just as Erik’s drink was served. {Insert shouts of disbelief and laughter HERE} Perfecto.

We then surprised the guys with a 2 night stay in the city and a Giants game. {I had received an extremely generous gift from my old office as a going away present, so I saved it – without telling Erik – for this weekend … perfect timing}. It turned out to be a fabulous weekend filled with Ghirardelli chocolate, Fisherman’s Wharf, Clam Chowder in bread bowls, “cute” breakfast cafes, losing Giants, and wonderful friends! {Check #10 & #18 off the Summer Bucket List}

Breakfast at Dotty's True Blue Cafe
{recommended by our taxi driver: two hour long wait: incredible food: worth every minute}

Gotta love the nosebleeds ... but there isn't a bad seat in the stadium! Although I must admit, it was difficult for me to cheer for the Giants {Dodger Blue Baby!}

Watch the guys’ reunion here.

Clam Chowder in a Bread Bowl at Fisherman's Wharf {my first one ever!}

Erik kept saying he couldn’t believe I would do something like that for him and that I surprised him so well … to that, I just showed him my engagement ring and reminded him that I have a lifetime of surprises to make up for the most incredible surprise he gave me almost 2 years ago exactly!

The Birthday Boys with Alcatraz in the background

I believe God loves surprises … after all, He gave us that feeling of disbelief, the loss of words, and the ability to laugh uncontrollably. I believe He gets great joy when He sees us experience moments of joyful surprise … hence, I give Him all the credit.

Happy Birthday Erik!!

29 is going to be an incredible year! {I know it}