Tuesday, June 29, 2010

from city to sticks.

It’s time for a new page. This one is going to be amazing. The last one was amazing. This one is sure to be beautiful as well!

And the story goes:
At the end of March (yes, just 3 months ago), Erik and re-signed our lease for the little apartment we made home in Sacramento. We loved it and we will always remember it as our first home together. With the full intention of spending one more summer downtown, we proceeded with signatures on contracts … until the phone rang. The phone call was one sweet grandpa with an incredible offer at hand. He asked Erik and I if we would be interested in moving to The Ranch. He had since bought my grandma a beautiful, one-story home closer to town and to the family, fulfilling one of her greatest dreams over the last 10 years or so. Much to our delight, he was not quite ready to part with the 10-acre homestead he had spent 25 years creating. Yes, this is the site of most of my childhood adventures, the place I met my husband, and the place where we said “I do”. How could we say know? Well, there were so many reasons why we should say “no”, but alas, God’s plan came to light. We talked and prayed and drew the scales with pros and cons in our heads. We slept on it and we sat on it. We did it all. And we decided. To move. On Memorial Day, we loaded up the trucks with the assistance of some truly cherished friends, and we drove the contents of our one bedroom apartment to the old farm house in Placerville. It’s bigger (I’m not used to cleaning more than one bathroom anymore), it has a deck, it has deer, it has a work shop (Erik’s favorite feature). We are no longer from the city. We are now from the sticks.
All of our stuff

Our first home together!

Although excited about the move, I was dreading the 1 ½ hour drive I was going to suffer to work every day … until the phone rang, yet again. We prayed about the commute and we knew if this was HIS plan, it would somehow work out. The second phone call was the Vice Chairman of Gun Owners of America. He was offering me a job. A big job. AND, it is only 30 minutes from our new home. WOW. I don’t believe in coincidences. This is the organization my grandfather (the home-lender) began over 30 years ago. This is the organization that employs my dad (love that!). It was the head hancho that called me. BIG DEAL. My grandpa didn’t even know about it … and HE says it’s a big deal. I don’t mean to brag … it’s more intimidation that I am currently expressing. But excitement is overcoming the intimidation. God is GOOD.... Yes, this is what I work with now ...

Did I mention that we got out of our lease too? Someone rented our apartment relatively fast, so we only had to pay one month’s extra rent … this praise resulted in very loud screams and jumping for joy. It was THAT big of a deal! We are blessed.

Living on so much property is so much fun! Now I get flowers all the time!

I'm turning into a farm girl ... I've planted squash (if only I liked to eat it! It's a good thing my husband loves it) and pumpkins!And I get to eat fresh berries (yay antioxidants!) every day.
#8 on the Bucket List. check.

Life is Beautiful.