Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Time Traveler

The beginning of the “New Year” has flown by so quickly … I was barely used to saying “January ___, 2010” and now, I have to say “February”. Alas, a problem that will probably continue throughout the year until I will have to readjust, yet again, to “2011.” I remember when 2010 sounded like a time when we would be flying like the Jetsons … ah, my imagination got a little ahead of the technologically gifted. {Come on people, get on it!}

Maybe it’s the adventure, or the stress, or the general busyness of life that makes time travel so quickly. Regardless of the true reason, I prefer to think it’s the adventure in life that travels with us as we age instead of the stress that gives us wrinkles. That is simply an unhappy thought … the wrinkles I will wear in my later years will be from nothing more than laughter, adventure, and love … not stress. It is one of my many goals in life to make that the truth.

To sum up the days that have been “2010” so far, the Benson’s already feel greatly blessed and are thus thrilled to see where the Lord takes us in the months to come. Christmas spent with my family was fabulous … absent of drama, full of joy. New Year’s Day was entered into with new friends and many laughs ~ couldn’t ask for anything better. {SIDE NOTE: For anyone who enjoys a night on the town but hates to suffer the crowds and overly-loud music; January 1st is the day! Erik and I enjoyed an evening at the Lounge on 20 in Downtown Sacramento … with a fire pit to ourselves; we bundled up and enjoyed the first night of the New Year with nothing but each other! Again, fabulous}

It was quickly decided by the Benson’s that the this would be “The Year of Finished Projects”. We started off on a good note when a beautiful piece of furniture was completed on January 1st (after a year of sitting half finished in our apartment) … it was a joint effort (joint meaning: Erik 99% Julie 1%) and spurred our excitement to work together in the future. Oh, our dreams are big :)

Not long after the New Year began, my dear grandma {affectionately referred to as Omie} was taken to the hospital for treatment of an infection. Although the infection (though not good) was not an immediately life-threatening situation, her stay at the hospital was lengthened when her heart stopped during a picc line procedure. Sitting in the hospital hearing “code blue” followed by my sweet grandma’s room number was paralyzing. The Lord gave her back to us after CPR, 2 weeks on a ventilator, and long days in the ICU waiting room (seriously in need of a make-over). However, I am extremely excited to report that after almost a month in the hospital, she is home with her husband with more life in her than I’ve seen in a very long time. She is full of beautiful smiles with rosy cheeks and her witty sense of humor. God has blessed our family greatly with the opportunity to enjoy her sweet company for as long as He sees fit. I love HIM. We were even able to throw my grandparents a small party in the hospital to celebrate their impressive 55 years of marriage. They graced us with their love story for the hundredth time … it will never get old.

I can’t wait for 55 years.

To add another “PRAISE” to the list of 2010 events, I can now refer to my very own handyman as a General Contractor, licensed and ready for business! Erik is working hard (thank God, yet again, for the full schedule) and loving every minute of it. I am so proud to be his wife, to be chosen by him, and to walk beside him through this absolutely incredible journey! FABULOUS.

Creo Casa Construction
Owner: Erik Benson, General Contractor

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