Wednesday, March 17, 2010

... Oh, Irish Green ...

{In honor of St. Patrick's Day}

Short Story:
Two weeks after I graduated from college, I boarded a plane set for Ireland. I convinced a friend to accompany me on my Irish adventure and we set out in search of just that, an adventure. For four months, we worked, we traveled, we lived, we learned, and we loved everything Irish. It was a blessing, a journey, a life-changing experience.

Oh, how I miss Ireland. I dream of the day I get to walk through the green fields, smell the turf, and climb the MacGillicuddy's Reeks surrounding the town of Killarney ... with my husband. I want to show him the castles we stormed, the trails we rode, the fields we danced in ... I want him to be a part of my Irish Adventure!
Ross Castle: Home of our afternoon picnics and journal sessions

The view on our drive through the Ring of Kerry
An Abbey we found driving around
An Enchanted Castle: The Killarney Castle
A friend from work took us through private property to show us this castle ... unknown to tourists ... truly, a hidden treasure!

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