Thursday, November 4, 2010

back to the 80’s

Nowadays, the 80’s seem to be everywhere.  Not only has the decade of feathered bangs and leggings made its way into the new/10-years old millennium {while some may think that a good thing, I beg to differ}, they have also made it into our favorite fall forecast; making it not-so-favorite-anymore.  I know that I have already dedicated at least one prior post to my dreams of cool, crisp, fall … and here I go again.  I mean, come on!  It’s November 4th and the little weather icon in the corner of my laptop keeps announcing to me that it is 81 degrees.  That is TOO hot for November.  Now I am about to make a statement that some may consider controversial or even politically incorrect, but you know what?  I’m already over it (no offense) … I do not believe in global warming … or even the more propagandistic term, climate change.  I believe, if the climate is in fact changing, then it has little to do with the little ants {people} that are crawling on the planet, and more to do the fact that God has decided to make a change.  He does have the right {and ability} to do that ,you know.  {Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t do our part to take care of the gift He has given us … etc, etc, etc …. we could go on for hours about this subject.  Why did I even venture into pandora’s box?} Anyway, back to my point/rant.  While I know I may be very well writing the same thing about winter turning into spring come March, I would like to take this time to wish/pray one more time for bonfire season to make it’s way back to us in little ol’ northern California.  I am not complaining, because let’s be serious, the current weather outside my window is gorgeous.  Sunlight beaming through bright red and yellow trees … b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.  Another reason why I love California {I am racking up reasons why I love it since last Tuesday was a very definite reminder as to why I hate it, but that’s another box that I would rather not open … at least entirely just yet.} 

Is there a point to the above collage of words that seems to make little to no sense when I re-read it?  Well, if any, it is this:  the moment I begin to complain/whine/wish-for-something-I-don’t-have, I am reminded at how spectacular God is, as He shows me His beauty through the warm breeze as it moves through the colorful leaves.  Yes … He knows what He is doing with this 80 degree weather.  I don’t, but he does.  And I guess, that is the point.

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