Friday, January 20, 2012

spelling. 101.

here it is again.  my annual “oops, I didn’t notice that typo the first 15 times I read this post” post.

it’s an apology for any past and future grammatical mistakes.

because I can’t stand them.

and you deserve an apology.  

you know the feeling … you know what you are writing, because it’s in your head.  as you type, you assume it’s coming out on paper {err, computer screen} just as it is in your head.  but it doesn’t.  sometimes, your fingers are faster than your brain.  or vice versa.  and it comes out wrong.  or the squiggly line doesn’t appear under your misspelled word because it’s not, in fact, misspelled.  it’s an actual word that is simply misplaced.  or it’s one of those words that can afford to lose one (or maybe two) key letters and still be a word. (take “buy” and “by” for example)

or maybe it’s the wrong conjunction.  oh.  never mind.  I hate that mistake.  if I ever make that mistake, call me out.  I won’t be offended.  I’ll just be appalled at myself. 

if you couldn’t already tell, I was pretty good at grammar.  I hesitate to say that, because now, any mistakes I make are inexcusable.  oops.

I was that girl that actually liked grammar in school.  maybe because it was literal.  there is a right and a wrong.  there was structure.  a beginning and an end. 

I notice that I am saying writing that while I place periods after incomplete sentences and un-capitalized letters.  forgive my hypocrisy.  I write much like I speak.  stream of thought. 

but I will set high standards for myself when it comes to spelling.  and conjunctions.


so from now on, when you come across a misspelling/typo/overall-mistake, picture me cringing at the moment I finally notice it.  and then, know that I will fix it, even if it’s a month later. 

oh. one last thing.  I overuse commas.  that’s the way grammar was taught when I was learning it.  and my thumb hits the space bar 2x {yes, twice} after a period.  it may not be the way it’s supposed to be done, now.  but it was the way it was done once.  and frankly, regardless of the reason 2-spaces-post-period was ever “the right way”, some rules should simply not be changed.  now, because some grammatical uppity-up says so, millions of people who were once taught it one way will have to re-learn to type the “new way”.  wouldn’t it just be easier to NOT CHANGE THE RULE? 

yes, it would be.

{notice me NOT re-learning.}

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

bucket lists. the pre-baby kind.

ever heard of a bucket list?  you know, the list of things you want to do before you … kick the bucket.  well, at least that’s why I figure they call it that.

the first time erik and I heard of a bucket list, was from the movie by the same name.  starring jack nicholson and morgan freeman, it was a movie we saw in the theater, back when we were still just a dating duo.  we thoroughly enjoyed our little movie date {out of the many movies we saw together, that particular outing sticks out to both of us for some reason}, and have often talked about what would be on our bucket lists … 

now, I understand that most of the things that end up on a bucket list are rather trivial.  they are the sort of things we want to do or see while still on this earth … rather materialistic, is it not?  well, in an effort to steer clear of attempting to make a profound theological justification for the idea behind the bucket list, I’m simply going to say that I think it’s a fun idea. 

the second time I really read someone else’s bucket list was on this blog.   about a year and a half ago, the writer behind the blog and her husband made a “pre-baby bucket list.  it’s simply a list of things to do prior to making a few additions to the family.  because things just get a little more difficult to do once you have a little miniature running around. 

and i think it’s a fantastic way to truly enjoy and appreciate the period of time you have with your spouse. while it’s just the two of you. 

because we will be parents for the rest of our lives.  and for this time only, we solely bear the responsibility of being a husband and a wife.  and we want to live this time of our lives to the fullest. 

we aren’t in a rush.  and we shouldn’t be. 

please, don’t get me wrong.  we are excited about starting a family.  someday.  {and should it happen before our timeline allots, we will be thrilled, to say the least}

but for now, in an effort to fall deeper in love before we decide to pop out a little benson, erik and I jotted down a few things we want to do, prior to growing the love circle.  it’s a list of adventures and memories we want to create. 


some are a bit extravagant.  some are very simple.  and some {ok, maybe just one} are actually stolen straight from the pre-baby bucket list of the blogger mentioned above.  we are excited to have a list that will encourage us to take every opportunity for adventure, as often as possible.  we may not finish the entire list … but whatever we don’t finish prior to having a baby, will be transferred onto the “life bucket list” {which already has a few things on it}.

so here goes.  we started out small … doable.  {however, we reserve the right to add to this list at any time}

maybe we should have started the actual list earlier in our marriage.  but regardless of whether or not our adventures were penned on paper before having been experienced, we have certainly enjoyed more than a few memorable thrills … worthy of making it onto the bucket list  {since they are just now being penned, they will also be checked for completion}

introducing our Pre-Baby Bucket List:

  1. visit chicago, eat real chicago pizza, drive to wisconsin, see the farm that housed the many memories of erik benson, see milwalkee, and go to a brewers game
  2. snowshoe up kirkwood on a full moon
  3. buy dinner for a couple in love at a restaurant … anonymously {see #14 – we couldn’t help but steal this one}
  4. spend all of our budgeted christmas $ on another family
  5. go hunting together {which means take the hunter’s safety course together}
  6. sit in the fancy chairs at a nice movie theater {the ones that move} or go to a theater where they serve dinner & drinks during the show
  7. get all dressed up and walk down the aisle together … again {set to occur on may 20th}
  8. trip {though brief} to New York … see the statue of liberty {completed june 2009}
  9. take a major road trip … 34 hours to be exact, to the lower dakota {completed november 2010}
  10. camp out in our truck and mountain bike up the coast {completed may 2009}
  11. get a dog {completed january 2011}
  12. spontaneous day trips to san francisco and lake tahoe {completed multiple times}
  13. go back to where we honeymooned {completed october 2011}

December 20104

we are happy to share our adventures with you as we embark on this journey to fall deeper in love while experiencing more of the great life we have been given together … stay tuned for more from our very own pre-baby bucket list

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

new years makes me think of sparkles

and glitter.  and other sorts of shiny, shimmery things.  and those sort of things just make me happy.  I love a little sparkle here and there.  {don’t worry.  even though I come from the days of heavily lightly dusted glitter on the eyelids and puff paints that sparkled one’s name on a hair ribbon – oh the days of cheerleading – I’ve totally outgrown that sort of glittery extreme}  but like I said, a little sparkle here and there is fun.  and girly.  and pretty.  and happy.  and it’s clearly the little girl in me, making an appearance.  {if you’re not a sparkle person, just bear with me as I’m about to make some profound references to sparkling.  so come on, little girl; come out and play.}


like I was saying, I like a little sparkle.

and well, what a better way to enter into the new year.  with a dash of sparkle.  excitement for some shine.  and some glittery enthusiasm for what the new year has to bring.

because {generally speaking}, new things shine. 

and sometimes, they sparkle.  with a nice luster {[luhs-ter] noun 1.the state or quality of shining by reflecting light; glitter,sparkle, sheen, or gloss: the luster of satin.}  I’m sure you already knew what luster means, but come on.  it’s a fun definition.

it makes the newness of the sparkly item, well, a little more exciting {if you ask me}.

so there you go.  it’s the new year.  2012.  I don’t know about you, but I’m planning on making it a sparkly one.

and guess what … God calls us to shine:

Matthew 5
16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

and guess what shine is used to describe? check out definition numero three.  I also like definition numero 5.  definitely a fan of those descriptors.  and character traits. 

spar·kle    [spahr-kuhl]

verb (used without object) issue in or as if in little sparks, as fire or light: Thecandlelight sparkled in the crystal. emit little sparks, as burning matter: The flames leapedand sparkled. shine or glisten with little gleams of light, as a brilliantgem; glitter; coruscate. effervesce, as wine. be brilliant, lively, or vivacious.


sparkle on, people.  sparkle on.

ok, the cheesy little girl references to all things pertaining to glitter and sparkles are now over.