Tuesday, April 6, 2010

{The Lord at Work}

It was quick, it was short, and it was unplanned. It was emotional and it was uplifting.

We saw the Lord at work.

Last Monday, Erik and I boarded a plane set for Kentucky, with heavy hearts and intense emotion. We were on our way to a funeral, to bury not one, but 9 members of our extended family. We had only seen them once and only met them briefly, but we felt the overwhelming need to be together during this difficult time.

On Tuesday, March 30th, 2010, 8 members of the Esh family, along with a fiancĂ© and a family friend, were celebrated, honored, loved, and buried after being called home just a few days earlier in a car accident. They were a family dearly loved and it was truly incredible to see the Lord’s work through their lives.

They were family to us as in-laws (it was our brother-in-law’s dear family), but much more importantly, they are family to us through Christ.

Families opened their homes to strangers, cooked food for thousands, and loved as the Lord’s calls us to love. It was remarkable to see the outpouring of compassion from such a beautiful community.

The Lord was truly at work.

Our flights were yet another example of the Lord’s provision as they were given to us by my dear sister and her husband.

Again, the Lord was at work …

Our love and prayers are continually with the Esh family as they are truly dear to our hearts.

{P.S. We also can't wait to meet the newest member of our family, due to arrive any day! We better get a phone call when the arrival is made!

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