Friday, December 17, 2010

special delivery

I have been tracking it since the moment I received my confirmation email. As soon as they gave me a tracking number, I began clicking the refresh button on my browser to see if my little package had been checked in to a new location on it’s pathway to my hands. I checked too often. I just couldn’t help myself. The FedEx website told me it would arrive by the 16th … and I believed it. I was just hoping that maybe it would arrive early. Nope. It wasn’t early. But it was right on time. The gentleman from FedEx knocked on our office door yesterday morning. The moment he walked in, I just knew that little cardboard box had my name written on it. I gave the man my autograph and pronounced my difficult-to-pronounce-last-name {it’s not really … or at least, it shouldn't be}. Then, I ripped it open. The scissors couldn’t cut through the tape fast enough! I was trying not to be too excited … I kept my excitement contained. It stayed between me and that little box. I didn’t want my co-workers to think I was weird or anything.

Once I opened my highly anticipated package, I investigated the contents within the package. I was very pleased. I was elated, to say the least. It was just as I had hoped. No. It was better.

NOW, to contain my excitement for another week. I have to wrap it all up again and put it under the tree. It is for HIM. It is for us. But it is a gift for him. Secrets. Surprises. And hopes that he will think it is as wonderful as I do. Knowing him, he will. For him to see it, I cannot wait! Oh, the anticipation, all over again.


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Anonymous said...

what is it? what is it?! :-) Merry Christmas Bensons!