Monday, December 20, 2010

this year’s rhyme

In lieu of a letter, I wrote a bit of a poem. It’s just a simple compilation of words that might happen to rhyme. It sums up the year that has been 2010 for the Bensons:


A decade ends in busy haste,

No moment have we left to waste,

Here we are in snowy days,

Looking at life’s charming maze,

In the days of twenty-ten,

So much do we have to pen,

But in the light of “short and sweet”,

We’ll cut it down to just one sheet,

Our first of many did celebrate,

Married love and fun to date,

We picnicked, laughed, and rode around,

Where his knee knelt to the ground,

Then bid farewell to city lights,

Up the hill to greater heights,

So now we live right where we met,

And said “I do” while skies were wet,

The building dream pursuit is bold,

Constructing things of new and old,

Jobs are booked so hammers fly,

True provision from Him up high!

With power tools he works and plays,

She markets and she tries to raise,

Money for her job of new,

To help preserve Amendment Two,

Friends and fun and family too,

Our weeks are full with much to do,

For 20-somethings, there’s still more time

A ministry God is making climb,

Then there came the time to thank,

Packed our car and filled the tank,

Drove across the country wide,

To South Dakota for a ride,

Loved and laughed in Benson light,

Ate and sang all through the night,

Thanksgiving was a blessed day,

Though colder than the west coast way,

So that’s the story of our year,

Forget we’ve not of why we’re here,

A babe was born so long ago,

He grew to live on earth so low,

But then He gave all he had,

On a cross for hearts so sad,

So here we stand in twenty-ten,

Thanking Him for all again,

He is the reason that we love,

We pray He brings gifts from above,

As the year turns to eleven,

May you be blessed from Him in heaven.



Sarah Benson said...

WOW! I love it! That's something I can't even begin to dream about doing! You are a perfect poet girl!

Anonymous said...

wow. That's amazing! I even ead it out loud for Davey to hear! You're so creative!