Thursday, February 3, 2011

what a picture says


Ssshhh!  He begged for silence as he crept through the house to find the 22.  Ever so softly, he tip-toed out the door with a look of mischief in his eager and ready eyes.  He hoped his shoes wouldn’t squeak, as each step drew him closer to the target of his anticipation.  Ready.  Aim.  “Click”.  I digitally took my own shot before he took his.

Anyways … this picture says so many things to me:

1) the little boy inside my nearly 3-decade old husband is still alive and well (and I love that)

2) this man is determined to pursue, to conquer, to see his mission accomplished

3) he was meant to live amongst the nature he so loves to explore, where the echoes of a gun shot are appreciated, not feared

4) he finds adventure in everything

and so much more about the man I get to love

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