Tuesday, May 17, 2011

scratch that …

scratch the whole “it’s spring and the sun is out” post.  because it is definitely not out.  in fact, saturday evening yielded a snow so white, one would think it was january.  promtply after we {grudgingly} left the warmth of our bed on Sunday morning, Erik’s dad sent him a message from South Dakota {a place normally colder than “sunny” California} saying he was drinking coffee, outside, in his shorts.  well, our morning included coffee, but nothing outside or in shorts. 

while the snow has since melted, the clouds are now leaking a less frozen type of precipitation.  rain.  accompanied by a little thunder.  and lot’s of wind.  {by “wind”, I mean, gusts strong enough to rip branches from their trunks and throw trees against power lines}.  you know, just a normal MAY.  {note strong sarcastic emphasis} 

to add a little comedy to the situation, the thunder rolled so loud during the sermon at church on sunday, that the pastor stopped mid-sentence, knowing that he wouldn’t be heard over the roar.  God made His presence known!


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