Wednesday, June 8, 2011

hi, I’m julie and I live in sunny california



I may not live in sunny southern California, but I do live in California.  even if I do call the northern region my home {although it’s a long state and I’m not even that far north}, we are still accustomed to a significant amount of sun come june.  and I’m sorry that many of my posts seem to be occupied by the weather, be it an over-abundance of something we’re not used to – but think about it, what else have we got here if not our weather {and mountains and ocean within just a few short hours} – a bunch of crazies {mind you, that’s coming from my Christian-relatively-conservative perspective, if you haven’t noticed}. 

aaaannnddd, I digress.  today is day 2 of nice weather.  soon to be hot weather.  I haven’t heard so much whining from grown adults in a long time.  well, at least on a topic that doesn’t have to do with politics.  april showers brought may flowers … and then more rain.  too much in fact, that the flowers couldn’t even be appreciated.  it was really quite tragic, if you ask me.  

all that to say, I’m gonna enjoy me some sun.  not sure when, but eventually I will break away from the midst of the desk that establishes me as a “career woman”, in order to enjoy that huge light source we call the sun.

I promise, I won’t complain about the heat until at least September, when it shouldn’t be here anymore.

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