Tuesday, April 24, 2012

we showered the bride!

last month, amidst the chaos, I was blessed with the opportunity to shower my dear friend, Becky, with a party to celebrate her upcoming nuptials.  given the lack of rain this winter produced, I was so na├»ve as to think that I could plan an outdoor affair in march.  you’d think after my wet-wedding day in the 3rd month, I would have learned to not attempt such plans. 

I had hoped to enjoy an afternoon luncheon on the patio - a la … my mom’s house.  what can I say, it’s the best place to hold such an event.  but of course, regardless of the fact that the week prior to the shower, the weather yielded 70 degree plus weather, the day of the event proved to be too cold for an out of doors event.

good thing my momma has a nice house too … with windows large enough to allude the presence of nature ... sans wind. 

overall, the shower for over 60 people was a success.  it was very large {yes, I said 60} and surprisingly not too crowded.  we made it work, with a salad bar to care for the gluten-intolerant and fruity treats for the sweet-inclined.  Had I not been so busy hosting the large affair, I would have taken some more fun pictures to show-off the few areas in which I indulged the creative side of my brain … but alas, I was just unable to do so.  Thankfully, a friend and fellow bridesmaid snapped these little details.B1

DSC_0026 copyDSC_0037DSC_0039DSC_0054IMG_9339

IMG_9340 copyIMG_9349 

I must give credit the my sweet momma who ran her little you-know-what around in circles preparing for the herd I invited into her house.  She was so sweet to accept my request and proved her fabulous hosting skills to be even more extraordinary than I already knew them to be! 

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Lindsey said...

You did such a great job. The shower was beautiful!