Monday, April 2, 2012

March: The Month from Nowhere Good

It’s been a while, I know.  And watch out.  I have a long list of excuses.  And they are good ones … I promise.

And since I don’t really have time right now to compile a bunch of cleverly strung words into an even somewhat interesting {or intelligible} post, I’m simply going to give you my list of excuses.  Consider them a mere description of the chaos that has been the month of march.  Although most of the month has made us crazy, confused, or cry, some of it has been good.  Oh, but just some: {I’m not whining, I promise.  Nor am I looking for pity.  I’m just documenting life as it comes, so please, laugh with us as we embark on the journey that is “march mayhem.”}

  • major work fundraiser {makes life too busy}
  • hosted bridal shower for best friend {fun}
  • car breaks down … the reliable one {bummer}
  • husband takes day off work to save money and fix reliable, yet broken vehicle {love him}
  • grandma {my sweet Omie} goes to hospital {multiple times}
  • while visiting Omie at the hospital during one of her many stays, receive phone call from husband saying his truck was side swiped … no injuries, just scraped the passenger side up {seriously?}
  • while on the way home from hospital, the day the hubs’ truck was hit, the reliable and fixed car over-heats, leaving me on the side of the road {just. my. luck.}
  • $1000 later, reliable car is now reliable {better be}
  • the truck that we just bought a new tire for, has another flat tire {beyond easy repair}
  • the work truck (yes we have 3 vehicles) that was substituting as the reliable vehicle for the month started making a very loud noise {of course it would}
  • the car that cost a lot to become reliable again needs new brakes {enter handy, yet busy, husband}
  • 3rd anniversary celebration {seriously the best day of the year … more on that day of spoiling later}
  • immediately thereafter, much need trip to South Dakota {fantastic}
  • missed flight to South Dakota due to new rules {not so fantastic}
  • upon return home, laptop stolen {the “this-is-not-your-month” streak is really just beginning}
  • only laptop that wasn’t backed up through the office backer-upper system: the stolen one {oh, there’s more}
  • realization that husband’s computer was not left at friend’s cabin as was originally thought, and that it was in fact STOLEN too {we are on a role}
  • oh, ya, and the kicker above all kickers: my dear sweet Omie was called to be with Jesus.  while I know it was time and she is no longer suffering, {she is now in His perfect presence} her passing has made my emotions even more volatile than the chaos described above, could ever do

needless to say, it’s been a hard month.  it’s april now, and to be honest, it hasn’t started out that great.  through the mess, we’ve really maintained a pretty optimistic attitude, which is good.  but now I’m tired and I want a break where only happiness is allowed.

I’ll come back to write about the good things in life later.  when I find the energy.

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