Tuesday, May 25, 2010

adventure. it's a requirement.

I think Bucket Lists are fabulous ways to encourage, inspire, promote, and REQUIRE adventure. Too often, we live our life saying “someday”; but by creating a list, that “someday” turns into something that must happen. It becomes “someday soon” and “ifs” turn into “whens”. I love that. I have a list of dreams {thank you Dream Manager} that I like to think of as my bucket list. Recently, though, as I was perusing the blogs of my friends, I found a “pre-baby bucket list” and a “summer bucket list”. Why not break them down into things of the NOW {not just things for 20 years down the road}.

So here goes … our immediate, near future, Summer 2010 bucket list: (In no particular order)

  1. Go camping: one date already set!
  2. Go boating on the lake (it’s rained so much recently, it must be full and ready for boating!)
  3. Move to Placerville
  4. Go to a concert in the park
  5. Go on a few Mountain Biking Adventures {hopefully without damaging the face ... like last time}
  6. Go hiking as much as possible
  7. Visit a waterfall {a big one}
  8. Spend Saturday mornings picking berries {to be done once moved to Placerville}
  9. Spend a day in Tahoe
  10. Spend a day in San Francisco {maybe walk to Golden Gate Bridge (??) & definitely eat dessert at the Ghirardelli Square}
  11. BBQ’s and summer parties
  12. Shooting adventures with friends at the parentals
  13. Invest ourselves into IMPACT
  14. Meet our niece
  15. Build a bed
  16. Entertain the brother-in-law when he visits {he said he will and I believe him}
  17. Make a Mexican feast and eat left-overs for a week
  18. Go to a baseball game {major league &/or minor} & eat lots of hot dogs while watching
  19. Much more to be added later ...

**Italicized Items: Completed or In Progress :)


Jami Balmet said...

Sounds like a wonderful summer you have planned out! And I love your heading by the way! What a beautiful wedding!

Anonymous said...

LOVE it! except you forgot, "hanging out w/ the Andersons!!!!!!"