Wednesday, May 19, 2010

i'm allergic.

They say, even if you have never had allergies before, once you move to Sacramento, you will. Well, I have lived here my entire life, and I'm still allergic to this place! All those little pollen flowers that dance in the breeze with such ethereal grace, while beautiful at times, are really quite mean. They find it fun to redden my eyes to the point of tears and to make me itch all over.

And oh, the sneezing! If you have ever heard me sneeze (more than likely), you know sneezing for me is not a brief experience. No, rather, sneezing is an exercise. It takes a lot out of me, as each sneezing session includes, on average, 6 sneezes. (Personal record: 13 ... all the way back in junior high) Thanks to my mom and her mom, the hereditary "repetitive sneezing gene" was passed down to me ... and during allergy season, it's rather entertaining (to some) and annoying (to most ... including myself!).

Oh, sun, I beg of you ... please let your heat penetrate through that complicated atmosphere down here to little old Sacramento. Rid us of this rather energetic pollen and let us welcome summer. Now, if you could do that while leaving the beautiful colors and fragrance of the flowers and grass, I would love it. But if not, I'll sacrifice the green fields for crisp golden (dead) grass, if it will mean I can stop sneezing. Thank you.

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