Thursday, May 13, 2010

extra pulp please.

I am not much of a coffee drinker ... unless it is sweet, creamy, and absolutely yummy. Chocolate, caramel, vanilla, and all other sugary additives are welcome. When asked how I like my coffee, I would respond, "white" instead of "black". It's just how I roll {although I occasionally enjoy a small cup of black coffee after a delectably rich dessert}. Erik is my morning-coffee-drinking husband. Since being married, my coffee consumption has increased due to the yummy concoctions he creates for me in the morning, usually including a scoop of ice cream in place of creamer {it's heavenly, unhealthy, but heavenly}.
However, we recently ran out of coffee. OH NO!!! Well, that wasn't my reaction {more of a shoulder shrug}. Much to my surprise, my coffee drinking husband didn't ask if we could refill our coffee supply ... instead he asked for orange juice. I gladly responded with "let's go get some!". It was late at night {maybe even after 10pm} and we made a trip to the store {I love late night spontaneity!}, purchased cereal, milk, toilet paper, and orange juice. Mmmm. We both agreed that we LOVE the pulp as it tastes more like an actual orange that way. {Another reason we were meant for each other? I think, yes} The next morning, we filled our glasses and realized what we have been missing. Why has it been so long since I've purchased orange juice? I am embarrassed to say, I don't know. {My sister would have a heart attack if she knew it had been months since I've purchased her early morning life-line}

Today, I started off my morning right, with a good morning kiss from the cutest man ever, and nice tall glass of extra pulpy-orange juice. MMmmmmm!


Jami Balmet said...

Mmmm the more pulp the better!!

Sarah Benson said...

That is so gr8 Julie! You have my mouth watering now! =P