Thursday, September 2, 2010

surprises are good for the soul

Have you ever had something BIG happen, something you are so excited about … but you can’t tell the ONE person you want to tell the most? Well, that is pretty much the definition of a surprise in my book … and as wonderful as it is, it is so hard to keep your mouth shut! Frankly, I’m glad the men do the proposing, because I don’t know if I could contain my excitement. I would probably blurt out {accidentally}, “I can’t wait to show you the ring I bought for you!! ... uhhhh, whoopsies” Ya, that might just ruin the surprise.

Over the last 4 months, I have been keeping a secret {lying} to Erik. Uhhhh, it was so hard! But it all paid off!

The mission was this:

Surprise Erik with his best friend, Davey, who was also being surprised with Erik.

My accomplice: Jess Anderson {Davey’s wife} We are master minds.

Excuse for the surprise: Birthday Boys {Davey: August 27th; Erik: September 1st}.

When both guys had responded to the question “what do you want for your birthday” from their respective wives, they both {unknowingly} said “I just want Erik/Davey”. Clearly, it was just too cute to deny ... so we started to plan!

Jess blindfolded Davey as she drove him to the airport to board a plane to San Francisco. I told Erik I had purchased a coupon for a restaurant in San Francisco for his birthday but the only reservation I could get was on the 27th. {I can be clever if I really try}. So, I packed his bags, loaded the car, and drove my gullible husband to the city. As we walked to the “restaurant” I had told him about, we strolled by another place that I KNEW would catch his eye. I told him we had just enough time to check it out and maybe grab a drink before we had to head over to our reservation. {Coincidentally}, Davey and Jess walked in just as Erik’s drink was served. {Insert shouts of disbelief and laughter HERE} Perfecto.

We then surprised the guys with a 2 night stay in the city and a Giants game. {I had received an extremely generous gift from my old office as a going away present, so I saved it – without telling Erik – for this weekend … perfect timing}. It turned out to be a fabulous weekend filled with Ghirardelli chocolate, Fisherman’s Wharf, Clam Chowder in bread bowls, “cute” breakfast cafes, losing Giants, and wonderful friends! {Check #10 & #18 off the Summer Bucket List}

Breakfast at Dotty's True Blue Cafe
{recommended by our taxi driver: two hour long wait: incredible food: worth every minute}

Gotta love the nosebleeds ... but there isn't a bad seat in the stadium! Although I must admit, it was difficult for me to cheer for the Giants {Dodger Blue Baby!}

Watch the guys’ reunion here.

Clam Chowder in a Bread Bowl at Fisherman's Wharf {my first one ever!}

Erik kept saying he couldn’t believe I would do something like that for him and that I surprised him so well … to that, I just showed him my engagement ring and reminded him that I have a lifetime of surprises to make up for the most incredible surprise he gave me almost 2 years ago exactly!

The Birthday Boys with Alcatraz in the background

I believe God loves surprises … after all, He gave us that feeling of disbelief, the loss of words, and the ability to laugh uncontrollably. I believe He gets great joy when He sees us experience moments of joyful surprise … hence, I give Him all the credit.

Happy Birthday Erik!!

29 is going to be an incredible year! {I know it}

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