Thursday, September 30, 2010

guest appearances

Fall came for a day … and then it was gone.  We cried for an encore but it did not tend to our requests.  In fact, fall fled the building and left us with little hope of it’s return.  I understand that I am currently in a {slightly} over-dramatic state and that fall will most likely return, but the 100 degree weather I am currently experiencing is getting to me.  This summer has proven to be the most mild {and lovely} I have ever experienced in the great, usually scorching, city of Sacramento.  We have experienced only a few {by few I mean 5-ish} days of boiling-well-above-100-degree-sweat-causing-heat {as opposed to the usual e.n.t.i.r.e. month of August}.  And we thought we were in the clear.  Thanks for the late arrival summer.  No can you please vacate the premises and make room for fall?

IMG_0350 IMG_0349

The heat provides the NEED for Ghirardelli chocolate milk shakes … duh.  {why did we decide we could mix them with a spoon instead of getting out the blender?  I guess it was just that hot}

Also to make a brief guest appearance this past week: mi familia.  Although, this appearance left hope of another reunion in the not-to-distant future {fingers crossed}.  The reason for this showing was the marriage ceremony of my eldest cousin, Erik {yes, he spells it just like my husband} Beauchamp.  He is the son of my Dad’s older sister, whom I affectionately refer to as Tia Violet.  Erik and his beautiful new bride were so kind as to stand in the freezing rain at our wedding {just over a year and a half ago}, thus, we couldn’t deny the opportunity to watch them exchange vows … don’t worry, with summer’s late arrival, rain was no where to be found at their ceremony {which was in an extraordinary church in the heart of Los Angeles with a rather warm outside reception in an exquisite garden}.  Spectacular. 

Seeing family once a year {or two or three} is just NOT often enough.


siblings and mis primos {Ashley and her husband, Ronald}

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