Thursday, October 7, 2010


In light of the new season and the fresh beginning of fall {almost fresh … the weather channel claims we still have another few days of 80 degrees ahead of us, but until then, I will thoroughly enjoy the foggy mornings}, I am changing my blog design.  I have noticed that many popular bloggers avoid the flashy patterns and designs, and lean towards clean lines and basic {solid} backgrounds {no offense to those who like it that way!}.  I am not trying to get published, nor do I desire to get famous from my blog … thus, I like the cool colors and graphic designs.  And let’s face it, my whit cannot stand alone in this world of talented writers … I need some fun colors to back it up.  So, until November 26th, enjoy the leaves. 



Sarah Benson said...

I totally enjoy reading your blog and looking at all the pictures. You do such a good job!
And as far as the weather goes...thats funny. We've had it warm the last 3 days...80s too!
And this weekend it's to stay in the 70-80 range still!
Now THATS savage for south dakota! But what's not savage is when it's gona change...then it does dramatically!! (ok..i'll shut up!)

Julie Benson said...

Sarah, you are so funny! I can't believe it's that warm out there ... maybe it won't be TOO freezing when us Californians come to visit in November!