Monday, January 3, 2011

a dreamin’ little girl.

what is nearly every child’s dream Christmas present?  some wish for a bike.  others for a Barbie or GI-Joe.  {well, at least that’s what they were asking for when I was little}.  but think about it … every little child wants a puppy.  with a big read bow around it’s neck.  ok, I haven’t done an official study on this, but I would wager to say this assumption is true.  the point of my assumption?  well, I’m 26 years old, and for Christmas, we got a puppy!


meet Porter Benson.  the cutest little german shorthair you could imagine.  I am officially in love.

now, in all honesty, erik and I were not thinking about getting a dog any time soon.  my thoughts were along to lines of waiting until our kids were old enough to take care of it {aka, not for a good long while}.  BUT, my parents happen to have a dog named Lucy.  my husband happens to be in love with Lucy.  as in, if ever I cannot find him while at my parents place, I generally come upon him laying beside the pup with his arms wrapped around her.  {should I be getting jealous?}  anyway, when my parents considered breeding their pup, our thought process went something like this:

Lucy is an amazing dog.  amazing dogs have amazing pups.  the Benson’s want an amazing pup someday.  why wait for amazing pup when we know Lucy’s will be amazing? 

thus, we have a new puppy named Porter.  although I had already picked my favorite out of the bunch of 7 sweet pups, erik walks over to the little ones with an eye for the biggest, the thickest, the toughest {think Porter House Steak … hence the name}.  it just so happens, it was the same little guy I had my very eyes on.  a match made in heaven.


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Anonymous said...

AWWWWWW! i can't wait to meet Porter!