Tuesday, August 9, 2011

twin messages

want to hear a cool story?

i thought you did.

here goes:

while driving home from work last week, i heard an ad on klove {the christian radio station that our dial leans towards more often than not} for water filters that could provide a family in another country with pure water. for life.

i didn't hear the entire ad, but i got the gist of it. and then i waited for some music to grace the airwaves of my car ride home.

all too quickly life moved on, past the call to help provide a family with clean water. for life.

the next morning, i get in the car. i hear it again. although it's more than just an ad. it's a story, about a boy in rwanda who had to walk miles to school, with no water. he knew the water that was available would make him sick, but after walking so far, he couldn't do it. he couldn't resist drinking it. my heart broke.

the commentators continued to engage my listening ears with an explanation of a water filter, that only costs $55. it uses the same technology as a kidney dialysis machine. families can use it and simply clean it out to maintain pure water.

my monthly water bill doesn't even cost $55 a month. it's way more. and this could help provide a family with pure water. for life.

i really felt like the Lord was saying ... "hellooooooo??????? you have been asking me to speak loudly about how you can help impact my kingdom. this may seem little to you, but it's huge to the family who will be getting pure water. for life." {of course, i'm not one to put words in God's mouth, that's just how i imagined it - most likely accompanied with an eye-roll, because my ignorance is often worthy of an eye-roll or two - to say the least}

so, all that to say, here is the cool part of the story. shortly after i had determined that we had to buy a water filter, erik calls me. he asks how i'm doing, if i made it to work ok, and then something else. i kind of cut him off to tell him i had been listening to klove. he said "ok, go on ..." and then i told him that we need to buy a water filter for a family who needs it. he said, "no way! i just wrote the phone number down to buy one! i KNOW we need to do that too!"

so there you go. it's a little thing. but we both heard His prompting and we both listened. how much bigger will God's prompting get when we both have ears for the little things? i'm confident it will get HUGE.

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Anonymous said...

so awesome!!! "in love" minds think alike!