Wednesday, August 24, 2011

semi-annual fun

do you have any idea how difficult it is to schedule a date with 9 people at a time? much less 9 women? 9 busy and rather extraordinary women? well, in case you didn't know, it's difficult. but oh, so, worth the effort.

approximately twice a year, i go through that difficulty with the 9 extraordinary women mentioned above. for the first yearly occasion, we battle winter breaks, family vacations, holiday plans, and the like. for the second occasion, we battle summer plans, summer vacations, back to school move-ins, work schedules, and so on.

but ...

this time around, it was easy. it was SO easy. it was the Lord's doing i'm sure. i did a little calendar estimating {inside my head, which means exact dates were not accounted for}, and i proposed a monday evening. i missed my small group that night {which i HATE to do}, but i sacrificed, in hopes that the date proposed would work for the 9 faces required at the the semi-annual meeting.

and wouldn't you know. despite flights home from summer-long missions trips in new jersey, work schedules, summer camp schedules, back to school moving plans, and such, my calendar estimating chose the ONLY date that fit inside a 2 day window {the window being, when all 9 women - 10 including myself - would be in the same time zone and within a 20 mile radius of each other}. my mind blew up. all of ours did, actually. it was like magic. perfection really.

so, on that monday evening, i sent my hubs off to small group and encouraged him to stay as long as he wanted {after preparing him a lovely meal at home by the way}. and then, the door bell rang.

the first girly arrived. then, another. then three more strolled in, knowing they didn't even have to knock. then another, and a few more after that.

now, the reason these women are so extraordinary {and extra special to yours truly} is because ... well, they just are. my story with each lovely lady began differently. most of them were mere sophomores in high school when our personalities met and fell in love. and since then, i have had the privilege of walking with them through 4 {going on 5} years of life. high school, break-ups, graduation, new boys, old boys, overseas adventures, decisions, lost loved ones, and so much more. most importantly, is the adventure i've witness in each of their walks with the Lord. tremendous. i have the pleasure of going to lunch individually with the girls as much as possible when they are home, so i can hear more details about the lives they so courageously live. but to have all 9 women together. true joy.

i can honestly say i know they each love the Lord. they are open. so honest. and so deep. seeing these 9 women grow as friends who trust each other, together and individually is so rare. they weren't all friends before they joined the small group i was blessed to lead. but now ... they are. i can tell. good friends. some grew up together. some didn't. but they are all growing together, now.

over the last year, they were in spread out across the world. from germany, to san diego, to new jersey, to hawaii, to LA, to chico, to cameron park, to all over. i'll say it again: impressive.

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Jami Balmet said...

What a wonderful thing to have the opportunity to pour into their lives and have them pour into yours. Fellowship within the body is truly a wonderful gift :) So glad and thankful for your ministry!