Friday, October 7, 2011

and they ate Mexican food

last weekend, Erik and I had the distinct pleasure of hosting the lovely Esh family at our oh, so humble abode.  promptly after the South Dakotans flew into Sacramento International Airport {SMF} late Friday evening, the laughter commenced.  it then continued until approximately 12:00 noon on Monday, when they returned to good ol’ SMF; at which point in time, they flew away from us {most likely to their relief, but to our dismay}

Now, in this instance, my usage of the word “laughter” is not simply an expression of happiness; although that was the expression that consumed most of our time together.  But more so, I am using the term to reflect the overall enjoyment experienced upon our time with the Esh’s.  For instance, the unexpected quips of sarcasm, the ever-present wit {mostly displayed by the two persons from the Benson/Yeadon line}, the memories remembered, the stories divulged, and the passions shared.  It was refreshing; and it was lovely.

watching the likes of their very own miniature running around was a blast.  I mean, I’m pretty sure you could substitute “little adventurer” for “Shalom” any day and she’d come a’ runnin.  can you say “love”?  I’ll say it for you “l-o-v-e”; as in, “I love that little red-head i get to call a niece!”

and then there was the mexican food.  I know there are a few taquerias in the southern of the two dakota’s, but I couldn’t help myself.  I probably tired them out of refried beans, cheese, and tortillas for the next month.  {sidenote: much to my husband’s dismay enjoyment, I could/would NEVER tire of the three essential ingredients to all things mexican}  and I can’t help that it’s my go-to entertainment food.  it’s just that good {and yes, my husband even suggested it, so they can’t blame me entirely}.  I gladly welcomed the Esh’s to california with not only breakfast burritos, but homemade carnitas {en los tacos}, and huevos rancheros {ranch style eggs}.  all topped with, beans, pico de gallo {sans cilantro – I forgot to grab the greens from the store}; sour cream, queso, salsa, tapatio, and so on.  it didn’t take long before they noticed that most of the mexican food I make is simply the same ingredients in a different form.  oh, but so good.

we even stuffed them full of apples.  {not in any form of mexican food, mind you}  but apples a la Apple Hill.  the place of my fall-loving youth.  and I think they liked it!  we saw apple orchards, embraced the pony ride {for sweet Shalom of course}, and indulged in the goodness of all foods containing apple as the primary ingredient.   between the 4 1/2 of us {Shalom may only be 1.5 yrs old, but her appetite could easily be considered that of at least half an adult … at least}; we consumed in one sitting: 2 pieces of classic apple pie, 1 piece of sour cream apple pie, 1 apple struedel, 1 apple cinnamon sundae, 1 caramel apple, and approximately half a gallon of apple cider.  that’s not including the apple pie we purchased for the next night’s dessert.  we’re beginning to channel johnny appleseed; aren’t we?  well, I’m not afraid to speak for the rest of the group when I say, it was all very, very good.

and since this post is already bordering short novel status, I’ll sum the rest of the weekend up with a few pics: {and reinforcement of the fact that we loved spending some quality time with Esh’s before they move to Africa.  our conversation was certainly blessed and filled with the Lord’s presence.  needless to say, it was truly wonderful}


Apple Pie Deliciousness


I knew I would be so mad at myself if I didn’t get a picture of the brother and sister together … and since I forgot to do it at one of the pretty places we visited together, starbucks served as our backdrop.

IMG_7678 copy

Surprisingly, Porter was calm, all weekend.  I think Shalom has some sort of magical tough.  He was even afraid of her at first … which I consider a good thing.

IMG_7672 copyIMG_7660 copyIMG_7693 copyIMG_7689 copyIMG_7686 copyIMG_7702 copy

I’m very impressed that a one and a half year old can swing by herself.  is that surprising to anyone else; or is it just me? 

IMG_7705IMG_7707 copyIMG_7710

thank you for coming all the way to california to visit us!  our time together was truly special and we are so grateful for the memories that we created!  we will continually be praying for your ministries in africa and can’t wait to hear how the Lord uses you to share His Gospel. 

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