Friday, September 30, 2011

because I like the sunset

Last week, we had dinner up at the parental’s house, aka the-best-place-to-watch-the-sunset in the grand ol’ county of el dorado.  bias you say/think?  no.  it’s been confirmed.  by none other than me {and a few others who have had the privilege of standing on top of the world valley a la the cliff claimed by the paredes casa.} 

anyways, it was just so stunning.  I can’t tell you how many pictures I have of the sunset from the same spot, at the same angle, at the same point in the sun’s descent.  some with clouds, some without.  some pink, some blue, some orange, some yellow, and some filled with rain {super cool by the way – and yes, I realize that is not a color, hence breaking the rule of parallelism – oops}.  well, this sunset was just like the others.  beautiful.  so what did I do ….. again?

I popped out the ol’ iphone to snap a few {more} shots, of course.   my mom sharing in my enthusiasm for the sunset {and reading the thoughts that I didn’t yet know were in my mind} asked if I wanted her to take a pic of the hubs and me. “well of course … that would be lovely”

per the norm, we performed the “we are a couple and we love each other pose” as seen here:


at which point in time, erik laughed and said, “so is this picture going to look like every other picture we take?”

to which I said something along the very thin lines of: “what would you rather do?” {can’t you tell that’s what I’m saying?}


promptly, the photographer requested something more dramatic, to which erik came up with this:


striking is it not?  it is.  thank you sun for being at the right spot at the right time to make those cool little color dots in your flare.  and thank you erik for looking a bit like a vampire … although a happy one at that!

this picture makes me laugh so much … I love it!  it’s beautiful, it’s playful, it’s romantic, and it’s hysterical.  much like the marriage to which we vowed. {swoon with me, please?}

and because I know you really wanted a detailed play-by-play of what it takes to get a picture out of the Benson’s, I will leave you with an actual picture of the sunset:


breathe-taking.  california may be a little bit crazy, but man, do we have nice sunsets.

p.s. props to the iphone.  you did not let me down.

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