Wednesday, February 1, 2012

musical surprise

as usual, this christmas, I did my very best to conjure up a new and exciting surprise for mr. benson.  It had to be something he wouldn’t expect {hence, calling it a “surprise”}.  something that would blow him out of the water.  spoil him.  and totally throw him off guard.

as usual: my mission was accomplished to perfection.  I must say, I’m a really good surpriser.  maybe I like surprising so much, because I like being surprised.  but whatever the reason, I’m a total pro.

hence, when I told my other-half to close his eyes while I pulled his over-sized, brown-paper-bag-wrapped gift out of the closet, he was a little confused. 

you see, I hid the gift, so he wouldn’t try guessing.  if he just saw the little packages under the tree, receiving a gigantic gift would be totally unexpected.  {I even hid the gift at my office for a month so I wouldn’t have to freak out if he took a step near the surprise-filled closet.}

while sitting on the couch that christmas eve morning {we started our tradition of opening gifts to each other on christmas eve morning, so we could do the whole shebang with the parents on christmas … I love our own traditions!}, he looked up and down that large, rectangular shaped box, wondering what it could be.

a new set of irons? but why would she think of that?  that would be awesome, but, hmmmm …

nope.  much to his pleasant surprise, the box was filled with an instrument meant for strumming by his rough, contractor-like fingers. 

and it was love at first sight.

hence, I am good at surprises.

random iphone pics

I had the counsel of some good musician friends on which guitar to get … out of all the potentials submitted to the all-knowing guitarist {within my price-range of course}, this was his choice.  it’s been over a month, and I still get compliments by all the guys on the gift I got my hubs.  score.  home run.  touch down.  and so on.

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