Monday, February 13, 2012

that boy in the glasses

erik benson, the boy that I talk about a lot, is … well … blind.  ok, maybe not blind exactly, but he certainly can’t see the clarity that my brown eyes view the world through.  he sees more of a blur.  and has thus, spent most of all of our togetherness {over 5 years, that is}, squinting and straining.  I must say, though, he’s pretty lucky that he’s able to “squint-it-out”, which must mean he’s not as blind as I think he is.  however, in an effort to relax the poor muscles in his face, we did what we said we would do {years ago}, and we took him to the eye doctor.  and not just the walmart kind of eye doctor {not that their doctors of vision are any less legit, but their selection of frames isn’t as, let’s say, sturdy, as my contractor-man needs}, but we went to the real, get-your-eyes-dilated, kind of doctor.  and they promptly signed him up for a nice new pair of specs.

and I must say, he sure does look cute:


lame picture I know, but it’s the best I could steal without him protesting

I wanted him to get something along the lines of these:


but he went for the traditional black frames instead. 

probably a smart move.

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