Tuesday, February 28, 2012

look at the calendar. it’s already 2013.

my job requires me to look at the calendar.  a lot.  I have to set dates for meetings, events, deadlines, and so on {as I’m sure a lot of people’s jobs do …}

and the more I look at the squares that symbolize a brief 24 hour period of time and the lines that encompass the 7 day periods … the shorter the year becomes.

for instance:

it is currently the end of month number 2.  in 1 week I have a fundraising dinner.  2 days later, I’m throwing a bridal shower for my best friend.  a week after that, we are at a wedding.  4 days after that, we celebrate the big ol’ numero tres. the  next day, we jet ourselves over to the southern dakota {praise the Lord}. and just a few short days later, it’s the 4th month of the year. 

and I can do that with every month, it seems.  I already feel like I’m running behind on erik’s 31st birthday, and it’s still 6 months away.  oh, but that number 6 is deceiving I tell you. 

I am not in a rush.  and neither should the calendar be in a rush.  so come on.  slow down.  take a deep breath.  enjoy the day.  embrace the minute why don’t you.

ok, that was a good pep talk.  thank you.  I needed that.

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