Wednesday, March 14, 2012

a trip to warmer weather …

based on my experiences in the great state of South Dakota, and through some very intellectual deductive reasoning, I have concluded that it is a rather cold state. 

my deductive reasoning is based on both historical and scientific research that I conducted over the past few years.  you see, the historical research dates all the way back to march of 2008, when I experienced my first 45-below-zero-with-the-wind-chill weather.  and then I have science to back me up.  snow, means frozen moisture, means cold.  times that by all the frozen moisture up in the sky, and you have 10 feet of snow.  {I should definitely go into teaching, right?}

but sometimes, things change.  and the fact that it’s been beyond freezing every time I’ve been to South Dakota in March {ok, so I’ve only been there in the 3rd month of the year once … but all the other times it was February and November, which in terms of the frozen weather thermometer, isn’t much different}, doesn’t mean it will be that way every time I visit in march.

in fact, the sun is planning on making an appearance for our trip to the southern dakota next week.  see:


it will be nice to see some sunlight after all this california rain.


who would have thought we’d be going to south dakota to get a tan? 

just kidding.

we are going there for much more than that … and we can’t wait!

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