Sunday, March 18, 2012

"B" is the Best for Last Name Initials

This weekend, we welcomed some dear friends into the club of the marrieds! We battled a bit of a snow storm to witness their love ceremony and we are so glad we made the treck. In our preparations for the trip up to the winter wonderland, we debated between which car to take. The fuel efficient passat that has battled the icy elements from California to South Dakota, or the gas guzzling beast with the 4 wheel drive. Well, rest assured that we took the smarter, less cost effective choice and we drove the work truck.
We made it up the hill and through the pass safe & sound in record time for tripping through a snow storm. We are currently on the trip back home, driving ever so slowly behind the chain of vehicles also leaving the white weekend escape.
Overall, we had a fantastic weekend celebrating the new Mr. & Mrs. Basham with all of our (and their) closest friends.
Congrats to our newest married friends! We are happy to share our last name initial (yay for "B" last names) and hopefully many married adventures in the years to come!

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