Thursday, June 30, 2011


ever thought it would be nice to move to hawaii??  {I’ll just assume your answer is yes, whether you’ve been there or not}  well, guess who is moving to the tropical island of oahu.

nope.  wrong.  not me. 

next guess???  it’s my sister!  yay for her.  boo for us.  I already have to deal with a 7 hour drive between her current residence and my own.  now I have to account for a 5 hour flight {driving no longer optional} and a time change.  when she I’ll be waking up, she’ll still be sleeping.  see how this might cause some difficulty?  {forgive me for being selfish, but come on!}

all in all, I’m super excited for my big sisty.  in just 3 weeks, she will walk down one last isle {her first led to her high school diploma, the second led to her bachelors degree, the third led to her husband, the fourth led to her masters degree – how many isles can you walk down in a lifetime?  although, I think elizabeth taylor still has her beat}.  anyways, this one will lead her to her PhD.  her doctorate.  the little 5 foot 2 inches of knowledge has conquered the world of academia in the highest way possible.  such a brainiac.

and 3 days after she officially become Dr. Kristy Collins, she hops on a plane with her hubby, also known as Dr. Collins, to fly away to the land of sandy beaches, tropical fruits, and warm water.  I guess 28 years of schooling deserves the change in pace that hawaii will soon provide.

all that to say, this weekend she is coming to visit ME {the fact that the rest of the family will be seen on her trip up here does not take away from the fact that I am convinced she is coming to see me and me alone} just one more time before I watch her fly away. 


Julie & Erik Wedding_176yes, we are both aware of the fact that we have abnormally large mouths.

and her “sister/maid of honor” pic is way better than the one my photographer got.  lame.    

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