Thursday, June 30, 2011

one, two, three, 4!

this weekend marks the birthday of our country.  call me a patriotic nerd, but I love the fourth of july.  I’m not going to be sporting a flag pin or anything, but maybe a cute sundress that resembles the colors of the flag {sans the stripes and stars}.  not only am I grateful to all the men and women who died defending our freedoms {from the revolutionary war and on}, but I am also grateful for 3 day weekends, family, and BBQs {I know, that’s the totally selfish part of the why I appreciate the 4th}

don’t these treats make you love the colors that describe “American Patriotism”?

4ofjuly24th of july

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they also make be think that God must love color … why else would he make such pretty & colorful foods to eat?  berries {both blue and red} have made their way onto my shopping list.

Happy Fourth of July!

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