Tuesday, June 14, 2011

betch ya didn't know ...

that we moved.  yup, it's true.  i know i've been a little absent from the world o' blogging, but i'm going to use the move as my primary excuse.  and maybe a lack of interesting things to say/write/update.

it all happened pretty fast and turned out to be a great thing.  one thursday morning, i received a phone call from our landlord {i.e. my grandfather}.  he hesitated as we stumbled through his request to ask us to move out of the place i have loved so dearly ...  my entire life.   well, it was time.

we had already made the decision that we needed to move ... blame the gas guzzlers for the decision.  it was far and a lot of work, but we loved the opportunity we had to live up there ... 10 acres, garden, orchards, and lots of memories.  but alas, my grandpa made the difficult decision {aside from our personal decision to move} to sell the beautiful homestead we call The Ranch.  being 83 and the primary caretaker of his dear wife, he just couldn't keep up two houses at a time.  it's not on the market yet, but within the month, strangers will have the opportunity to tour the home that encapsulates nearly every vivid childhood memory i have.  ahhhhh, i'm trying not to think about it.

moving on.  we found a townhome perfectly located near church, friends, and work.  with a yard.  fit for a dog.  wow.  and a garage.  fit for a contractor.  {ok, maybe it's a little small for a full blown contractor, but it's still near perfect for now}  the place is great and has everything we need.  it's close to everything, which means less driving.  less time sitting strapped to your vehicle.  more time sitting across from each other eating a relaxing homemade meal.  needless to say, we are in heaven.  we can actually take naps on sunday afternoons.  we can do laundry before small group.  we can play with the pup before dinner.  we are in heaven.  {i think i already said that}

we still get up at the same time in the morning, which means we have time to make breakfast together.  share what we are reading with each other.  we eat healthier too.  MUCH healthier.  i have been making smoothies every morning {full of the protein power Erik got out of the gym when he tried cancelling our membership - notice the work, "tried"}.  here is proof of our newfound love of the smoothie:

IMG_1007IMG_1008My new favorite thing ever.  greek yogurt.  honey flavored.  perfect smoothie filler.


i know, when i said i moved, the first thing you wanted to see pictures of was my blender and random contents from my refrigerator.  i totally read your mind. 

in much less exciting news, i'll try to post pics of the new digs soon.

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Sarah Benson said...

Hahaha! I'm still dying laughing about your last comment on the pictures! Sound's like an Erik!:)
Wow! Had no clue you moved! Miss you!