Friday, September 2, 2011

did you know …

that the year 1981 yielded many things, including, but not limited to:

the term “internet”

Raiders of the Lost Ark {probably the Indiana Jones movie I remember the most … and thus, enjoy the most}

MTV {not such a big “woopty-do” to me, given that I was never allowed to watch it … as in, if the channel was found documented in the history of previous channels viewed – which I promise only happened when my sister was home alone – consequences commenced}

and … Justin Timberlake {again, not a big deal to me given that even in my teen years, I was never really a boy-band fanatic, no offense to those that were/are}

it was also the year that post-it notes were launched.  {thank the Lord for post-it notes … where would my organization be without the color coded stickies of happiness?}

and while all these things may have had some sort of impact on culture, the current generation, and even the world to come …

{I mean, where would anything and everyone be without the world of the wide web? ummm, maybe in the actual buildings of the online institutions we frequent … concept maybe?  and where would teenage pop-culture come from without the help of MTV? well, maybe from a better place if you ask me.  where would Justin Timberlake be without MTV?  probably Disneyland.  and of course, where would the Arc of the Covenant be without Indiana? well, that one’s just a story, so I’m pretty sure it’s where God knows it is and that’s all that matters.}

back to my point …

while all those things may have had an impact on the world in one way or another, where would I be if 1981 had not yielded this man:

Julie & Erik Wedding_022 

well, I probably would be in a place not worth mentioning right now.  and by that, I mean, not happy. {may be a little over dramatic, but I’m allowed to be, so says me}

and since this man WAS born, {in my fairytale world, I believe the Lord placed him in the arms of his mama on September 1, 1981, knowing that he would be with a girl set to be born exactly 3 years and two weeks later}, my world is filled with l.o.v.e.

so thank you to mom & dad benson, for raising such a wonderful young man!


Happy 30th Birthday

Erik Thomas Benson!

September 1, 1981
yesterday was the official day of celebration, however “birthday weekends” are always way more fun {especially when I get a 3 day weekend – thanks for laboring on labor day!}, thus, the moment I escape the walls that currently confine me – i.e. my work – the birthday celebrations continue!

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