Friday, May 11, 2012

I jumped on

I'm usually the kind of person that decides to avoid band wagons. You know, the kind that everyone obsesses over & that consumes the current trends of all things from conversation, to clothes & styles, to even baby names. In fact, I usually get so tired with them, I turn into that annoying person that makes a point to not jump on the wagon, even if, in a secret part of my head, I think I would actually like whats on the wagon.

Example: The Twilight Series. I watched the movies, yes. But I waited until they came out to rent instead of paying major dollars to see it on the big screen. I used to love the name "Bella" ... Ever since I was a little girl, actually. But now, with the rise in popularity of the name thanks to the blood-sucking obsessor, I wouldn't dare name my daughter after a vampire movie. Bummer for me ... Since its such a pretty name!

Anyways, all that to say ... It's not very common that I jump on board a wagon occupied by the rest of the world.
However, this time, I did it. I jumped on board. Maybe a little later than the rest of the clan, but I'm on the train nonetheless.

So good. As in, read it in 2 days so that I could see the movie before it left the theaters, good.

My sister (Mrs. PhD, herself) recommended it to me. I was surprised that she would take the time to read something so frivolous, to be honest. But she guaranteed me that her non-book-loving sister (that's me) would love it. So, after another encouraging friend bought me the book (accompanied by Starbucks & the sweetest note ever), I decided to crack it open.

Even though I've never been a big reader (I was such a slow reader when I was little, not to mention my poor scores in reading comprehension, that I filled my time in the great outdoors instead of buried in a book), the feel of a brand new book, with crisp pages and what seemed to be fresh ink, intrigued me on its own.

And then, the words themselves. They are gripping. The story, the characters, the adventure. I fell in love.

Officially obsessed and fully on board that gigantic bandwagon, well worthy of its full status.

Being a "non-reader", I never understood why movies were not as good as the books. I mean, why not sit down & watch a story come to life in a fraction of the time? Well, now I get it. At 27 years old ... It finally makes sense. I've read a few other books that were digitally depicted onto the silver screen & never thought much of it. But this time, I get it. The movie was great ... Definitely entertaining ... But not the same. So, if you haven't jumped on board, take my advice. GO FOR IT!

I can't wait to get the next 2 books in the series ... But am trying to give my husband & house some more attention before I nearly obsess over yet another book!

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Anonymous said...

welcome to the hunger games band wangon! SOOOOO good, right?! You'll LOVEEE the next 2!