Tuesday, May 22, 2012

some unsolicited advice for the single ladies …

I promise.  if you just wait, as long as it takes, you will never regret it.  it may seem like it will take forever or like it will never happen at all, but it will be worth it.  so, incredibly worth it.  don’t rush into something, thinking it will turn into your fairy tale.  chances are, if it doesn’t start that way, it won’t stay that way.

wait for that man that stares at you with his lips curled up ever so slightly while you are talking to him about something as silly as where to put the bananas.  wait for the man, that when asked why he has that smile on his face {thinking you said something funny or have something stuck in your teeth}, he just looks at you and says “you’re just so cute”, then graces your cheek with a sweet kiss from his lips.

wait for that man, ladies.  because he will melt you heart, every.single.time. 

{if you can’t tell, mine melted last night, for the bazillionth time}

it’s worth it.

because who doesn’t want a man to look at them like this:


wait for it.

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