Friday, May 25, 2012

my thumb is turning colors

and by colors, I mean, it’s slowly returning to it’s green nature, once again.

yes, I’m planting again.  I may not have the gigantic garden that I had when we lived on the acreage of my grandpa’s ranch, but I do have a front door and pots.  thus, the front door is covered with pots.

I have petunias, hydrangeas, 3 different kinds of tomatoes {we clearly love tomatoes}, and hot peppers.  we have an extra pot and plenty of soil left over for one more veggie … but the selection was just too much to handle and we couldn’t decide.  erik reminded me that we don’t have to choose right away.  I mean, we could go home and think about it.  we could decide to get yet another tomato plant.  {although I’m thinking 3 plants for 2 people is more than enough tomatoes}.  or we could get more peppers {we are thinking copious amounts of salsa}. or a fruit maybe?  who knows?!

there is just too much to choose from.  too many possibilities.  and too little space. 

until we decide … we will tenderly care for the plants we do have growing.  we will “parent” them in a way.  every morning, tending to their needs {via water & sun}.  protecting them from the forces of nature that could harm them.  praising them when they produce beautiful flowers and yummy food.  {ok, my plant-parenting much stops there}.




sorry for the lack of uber cool pictures.  these were snapped on my way out of the door the morning after I planted them … I just couldn’t help myself!

oh, and were you wondering where I got those cute blue & white miniature pots? $2 … garage sale.  for real.

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