Friday, May 25, 2012

goin’ to the chapel …

ever since exchanging vows with my hot hunk of a husband, weddings have made me a total kind of a sap.  maybe it’s silly, but I see so much significance in proclaiming your love and promising to work on that love in front of all the important people in your life.  and in front of God.  because, whoever takes a vow with God lightly … well, I just wouldn’t suggest it.

it’s huge!  it’s a huge commitment.  it’s a huge proclamation.  it’s just pretty much HUGE.

and spectacular.

what makes weddings even more fun … is when it’s two of your bestest friends.  it just doesn’t get much better.

last weekend, erik and I had the honor of standing beside Becky & Zach as they said “I do”.  not only did this mark off a pre-baby bucket list item {numero 7 … check},photo

probably the only picture we have of the two of us at the wedding, and most of the picture of of someone else’s head.  fail.

but it entered The Leighton’s into the incredible club of the marrieds. congrats guys!

this was the kind of wedding where we knew both sides … we knew almost everyone.  and that just makes for one fun party if you ask me!

short story:

julie’s family has known the Leightons {Zach’s fam} since both julie & zach were too little to remember. as they grew up, they didn’t really hang out much because julie was older and well, he was one of those athletic boys that julie couldn’t have kept up with if she tried.

many years later.  erik moves to california and meets zach through the dude he worked for.  before erik ever met julie.

a few years later.  erik meets julie.  they fall in love.  all while zach was away at school.

erik & julie get married.  julie meets becky through her sister, stacey.  julie and becky sit at a pizza place for 5 hours. and the friendship continues from there, with weekly dates.

many people tell erik & julie that zach and becky should meet.  erik & julie agree.

finally, zach comes to a bible study we invite him to.  becky is there.  their eyes meet.  and BOOM.  sparks explode.

{or something like that}

1.5 years later. they are hitched.

check out the spectacularness of the event that united these two phenomenal people together:


me & jenna {zach’s little sis}

if you can’t tell, they choreographed their wedding dance … and it was pretty much, awesome.

best wedding. ever.  except for ours. although ours was chaos and a total mess … it did make me mrs. benson, so, it stands as the best wedding ever in my book.

now if only they’d come home from their honeymoon so we can hang out.  come on guys.

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