Wednesday, July 14, 2010

HE reigns.

i am currently loving this song ... in church, in my car, a Capella, and from the strings of my husbands guitar. just an example of HIS awesome power.
{God You Reign}

You paint the night
You count the stars and call them by name
the skies proclaimGod You reign
Your glory shines
You teach the sun when to bring a new day
creation sings God You reign

God You reign
God You reign
forever and ever
God You reign
You part the seas
You move the mountains with the words that you say
my song remains
God You reign
You hold my life
You know my heart and You call me by name
I live to say God You reign

hallelujah, hallelu {photo credit}

I can't see a picture like this without thinking, "He certainly does reign"

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