Wednesday, July 7, 2010

just saying ...

Today, I am suffering the consequences of my allergy to walnuts. Although I am not a fan of walnuts, they seem to find their way into things that I am a fan of, i.e. fudge, granola, health bars, salads, and so on. I know you are just dying to know what happens when I eat a walnut (aren't you??) ... WELL, my mouth just about explodes. Ok, maybe it's not THAT bad, but it does get very raw, fills up with canker sores (weird name for a sore), and sometimes bleeds. There, you asked for it.

But to move past the oh, so glamorous life of a walnut-intolerant being, I must share these cute pictures of a man I find oh, so handsome.working away in the shop on a cabinet. nope, it's not for me. not yet at least.

he is loving the redneck life. ok, just because he is on a riding lawn mower doesn't make him a redneck, but i was told by a friend that the shirt and cut-offs do. cutest red neck i've ever seen.

Last Saturday, my face was lit up by brilliant flashes of fire streaming from the sky. 4th of July in Cameron Park was celebrated on the 3rd of July ... and we celebrated with our dear friends (ok, let's face it, we see the Bashams so often, they are practically family) on their front lawn as the fire bombs exploded above us. f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s.
one of my many fascinations in life. fireworks.
there should be more events in life that should be celebrated with a fireworks display (with a large finale). you know, like birthdays, anniversaries, fridays, saturdays ...
i'm just saying.


Jami Balmet said...

Oooh your blog looks soooo cute!! Your header is adorable!! :)

Sarah Benson said...

Awesome post girl!
Sure do miss you guys!
PS...yeah ill have to agree, erik looks a little like our red neck Uncle Don from the woods. =)
(thats a commpliment btw!) LOL