Monday, July 26, 2010

the little things in life.

The flowers from my {grandpa's} garden make beautiful arrangements for the house ... and they make me smile

What makes me smile about these?
1) perfect color coordination
2) multi-colored flowers
3) quaint mason jars
4) that they are from my own backyard

Every morning when my cute husband has time {which is impressively most mornings}, he makes me this DELICIOUS coffee beverage. I have tried to duplicate this masterpiece for myself, and it does not work. Better than Starbucks.

I'd easily pay $4.35 for this fantastic cup of yumminess.

What makes me smile about this?
1) the chocolatey surprise he often puts at the bottom of the cup
2) that he puts it in a "pretty" mug, instead of a big, old, clunky mug
3) the sugar boost I get, more than the caffeine boost ... it may not be better for me, but it tastes better
4) that it is usually waiting for me on the bathroom counter, after my shower
5) that he brings it to me

I am blessed, by flowers and sugar coated caffeine ... and LOVE. That last one isn't one of the "little things", it's the BIG thing.

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Jami Balmet said...

Aaw what a cute husband :)