Thursday, July 8, 2010

typos or just bad at spelling

Whoopsies. As I read through some of my old posts, I am embarrassed at my grammar and spelling mistakes. Maybe this is why my mom used to make me hand write ALL of my papers as a rough draft (ugghhh) before typing them. Maybe I am too reliant on spell-check and don't notice mistakes without the red squiggly line highlighting my typo. Hmmm. Excuses, excuses. I actually did quite well on my spelling words in grammar school. You may not believe me, but I promise. AND, it was before computers were prevalently used for homework. (I also remember what it was like when you had to manually rewind tapes and you couldn't pause television. I'm already dating myself at the ripe old age of .... 25)

Please accept my apologies (and embarrassment) for any past, present, and FUTURE spelling/grammar mistakes and typos. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

HAH! I haven't even noticed! does that mean I'm a bad speller too? And sorry about the walnuts... ouch! I'm sure some cold ice cream would definitely help!

Sarah Benson said...

{grin} That was gr8 julie! You're fine by me....i just found out I've been spelling some stuff wrong on my blog and email!
Its really bad for me, since im younger than you! LOL