Friday, July 16, 2010

one new message.

I have come to view the relatively new phenomenon known as “TEXT MESSAGING” as a way for boys/men to send brief, informal love notes to each other under the guise of a joke, sarcastic wit, or true sincerity, which might not otherwise be sent. {does that make sense? i thought so. just checking.} So often, I find my husband looking at his phone with anything from an undercover grin to a robust laugh … to which I attempt to ask “what” or “who” was the cause of such a reaction. Often times it’s a picture or a quote or even a simple “I love you man". He even gets an occasional picture from a friend participating in an activity that made him think of Erik - like snowboarding, mountain biking, etc ... and while I think the world is breaching a point of overtechnologydrivenmadness {yes, I made that up myself, thank you very much}, I think the ability men have to briefly share their affection in a fast and simple way is quite touching, really.

I have come to realize that my sweet manly husband is far more advanced in his relational intuitiveness and more regularly connected to his “boys” than I have yet to become with my “girls”. He regularly sends and receives verses and devotionals and notes of witty encouragement {along with lots of jokes and gross pictures} from his bromantic friends {I’m borderline jealous … not really. but a little. maybe.}

All this to say, I am learning a lot from my text-message savvy husband …

… and thank you text messaging world …

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