Friday, December 2, 2011

the hunt

last saturday morning, we greeted the sun as it rose to light, and we began our hunt while the mist still laid low to the ground.  we loaded up the gear necessary for the hunt, and we set out in the quiet.  we sifted our way through the brush and the branches dampened with dew.  we stayed low to the ground as we whispered under our breathes.  the sight of our breath, thick and heavy, reminded us of the cold; while adrenaline and excitement permeated our bones.  the hunt lasted a short while, as we quickly embraced the beauty revealed in what soon became our very own …

Christmas Tree.

aaaaand cut …

just kidding.  sort of.

this is what we did last week, but maybe with a little less drama {though exciting, was it not?}

so, yes, last weekend, we embarked upon the hunt that basically symbolizes the beginning of the Christmas season.  while the Benson household began listening to the music that defines the first 25 days of december {go ahead, laugh at me.  but, I like it too much to only let it grace my speakers for only 25 days out of all 365 in the year … and erik likes it too, so I’m not the only one to blame}; Christmas seems to become official once Thanksgiving has passed and the tree has been hunted.


… as you can see, my brother shares in my enthusiasm for Christmas …

and let me just say, apple hill proves to the best {my biased humble opinion, mind you} location for the hunt.  check out that view {I realize this photo fails to actually show the view, but just imagine the the sierras behind those tree tops}. 
it’s not too shabby. 


erik had an affection for the charlie brown Christmas trees.  I’m not sure if he felt bad for their lack of attention or whatnot, but this was the first of many that he suggested.


don’t we look like rugged hunters?  I thought so. 


the final product. 

I hope you are enjoying your Christmas season as much as I am!

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Jamie said...

I love the mirror effect!